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“We just neet to get the product drawn up, made and into the market…”

You may or may not have actually heard your Design Manager or CEO say this but this is the reality of a fast-paced industry. Market competition is tremendous and every product developer is vying for the customer’s attention. if you’re late to the party you lose.

Product design and engineering development is a complex business. Organisations are busy with the foundational steps in converting ideas to physical products. We’re always rushing the design due to pressure from above, over-seeing the potential opportunities because of the “deadline” and producing ambiguous data just for the sake of “finishing”. We’re reacting, not responding to management.

Productivity and efficiency are secondary or even tertiary thoughts often placed on the back-burner. Even though these two attributes of a process are the lifeblood of a manufacturing business – keeping costs and time spent to a minimum. Inefficient design briefs, data capture, CAD workfows, detailing, design communicaton and manufacturing lead to errors, low productivity, poor workforce morale and ultimately a sub-standard product.

We could start responding to our management. With a good reason and clear explanations as to why we need more time to develop better design work flows and ultimately better products. Afterall better products sell more, demand greater prices and achieve a better standing in the market-place.

If you don’t ask you dont get.

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Founder / Senior Mechanical Design Consultant @ CADMATE LTD
Spent over a 12 years working with professional manufacturing and design businesses in and around London, UK. Fascinated by intricate mechanisms, CAD software, manufacturing technology and C++ programming. Use SolidWorks CAD daily and still like to take pencil to paper once in a while. Always great to hear of your design and manufacturing experiences. Contact me if I can be of any help!

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