The nimble contractor

quick and light in movement or action; agile.

definition of ‘nimble’

When trying to add an effective additional resource to the project plan a contractor is often hired. The traditional contractor sits in the clients office, spends their time within their walls and drinks the tea and coffee sourced from the same kitchen as the employees. The contractor is well-integrated and whilst there are some traditional benefits to this there are significant drawbacks. The constant distractions, office politics and organisational hierachy can have a drastic, negative influence on the contractors perceptions of the company, professionalism, motivation, ability to be effective and ultimately affect project progress.

The contractor has now become a demotivated employee.

An alternative to a contractor is an offsite outsourcing supplier. A company sends the package of work to be completed remotely by an outside team. This of course means there is little or no input to the design projects and the physical disconnection means communication will suffer and the relationship will be ineffective (and much more costly) in the long-run.

What if there was another way? What if there was a solution in-between? An agile contractor who is present for crutial meetings, offers design insights through effective presentations, remains motivated by the engineering challenge and pushes the project further than otherwise would have been possible. All this can be accomplished through a modern approach with technology and practical planning of office time.

As the business owner you get real project value…a great chunk of it. You get an effective package of value.

Flexible working times are now a staple of modern businesses the world over and has proven time and time again with increases in productivity, a greater sense of control, greater motivation, longer service and deeper loyalty amongst workers. The mistake many businesses make is to subject a motivated professional to the same conditions traditional employees are subjected to.

A contractor chooses short-term opportunities for greater variety in projects, to get more out of their profession in both compensation and time. However, the smart contractor also wants to be involved, still wants to make a significant impact and be an expert you can rely on.

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Founder / Senior Mechanical Design Consultant @ CADMATE LTD
Spent over a 12 years working with professional manufacturing and design businesses in and around London, UK. Fascinated by intricate mechanisms, CAD software, manufacturing technology and C++ programming. Use SolidWorks CAD daily and still like to take pencil to paper once in a while. Always great to hear of your design and manufacturing experiences. Contact me if I can be of any help!

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