Vacuum Casting Machine

  • Sheet Metal Design
  • DfMA (design for manufacture)
  • Reverse Engineering

The Challenge

A client approached CADMATE to reverse engineer a vacuum casting machine. The challenge was to improve the shortcomings of usability and increase the casting capacity / volume per machine, thereby maximising output per unit time.

The Solution

The original machine was surveyed, measured and captured in photos. This enabled us to quickly organise the data we have along with ascertaining the critical design and functional components that allow the machine to function.

Some parts such as vacuum-rated motors needed to be specified and sourced (we used RS on this occasion). The vacuum casting machine was drawn up and modelled in SolidWorks, giving us a design to work with. This went on to being adjusted and improved to the customer specification.

The technical drawings were completely dimensioned and toleranced to BS8888 drawings standards and sent out for quotation. The project was successfully completed.

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