Modular Spray Booths

  • Sheet Metal Design
  • DfMA (design for manufacture)

The Challenge

A long-standing customer of ours approached us they needed clear and concise drawing packs for standardised modular spray booth units. The challenge was to generate comprehensive technical drawing packs with the necessary NC program data and tooling information that could be used by the internal fabrication team.

A direct cost and time saving was to be realised through this project and automating the process as much as possible was to help with this aim.

The Solution

The product design was assessed to ensure standardisation of individual components. These were then created in Solidworks with multiple configurations, allowing for complex, configurable assemblies to be generated complete with associated configuration data.

Subsequent drawing packs with an automatically populated bill of materials (BoM) table was produced. This meant all drawing packs for the various product configurations were consistent and clear for the fabrication team to use directly.

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